1. Where do I get my code(s)?
    This will be provided by Ticketmaster (or other ticket agency used)as part of your concert ticket purchase confirmation email; in a follow-up email up to 72 hours later; or will be printed on your ticket. If you are unsure, please check with your ticket agency. You should receive one code per ticket bought.
  2. Why aren't my code(s) working?
    Please ensure you enter codes exactly as you have received them, without a space at the end. Each code must be entered into a box of its own.
  3. Can I use a different Payment Method?
    Payment is by Debit / Credit card only using one of the following – VISA / VISA DEBIT / VISA ELECTRON / VISA PURCHASING / VPAY / MASTERCARD and MasterCard Debit. Payment methods which fall outside of this are unfortunately not useable in this redemption.
  4. How do I order?
    1. Enter each code you wish to redeem together at http://chilli.mobi/snowpatrol/ and hit 'Redeem Now'. Click the '+' button to allow for further codes to be entered. Up to 4 codes can be redeemed at once. NOTE: if you wish to order physical and digital copies you must proceed with these separately.
      On the following page select Physical or Digital and fill in the required fields before clicking 'Place Order'. For digital orders skip to qu 3. For physical orders:
    2. To gift your CD delivery to a non-card registered address fill in the address details immediately after selecting 'Physical copy'.
    3. If the delivery is to the registered card address please tick 'Same as billing address' on this screen, choose the delivery Country from the drop down and click Place Order.
    4. Enter payment details on the subsequent page. You will receive a billing confirmation email from Secure Trading immediately after. The bill in your account will show as 'Chillimusic'.
  5. Why am I experiencing connection errors when I attempt to make payment?
    Ensure that you are using the most up-to-date versions of the following browsers:
    Apple Safari; Version 10 +
    Google Chrome; Version 58 +
    Microsoft Internet Explorer; Version 11
    Microsoft Edge; Version 13 +
    Mozilla Firefox; Version 53 +
    Opera browser; Version 44 +
  6. When will my digital copy arrive?
    Each requested email address will receive an email containing a download link immediately after order completion. Please ensure you type each email address correctly and to check Junk folder if it cannot be found. NOTE: albums must be downloaded to a PC or Mac – they will not work from a mobile or tablet.
  7. When will I be charged and by whom?
    You will be charged upfront for your order. Payment will be shown as going to 'MOBILECHILLI.COM' in your statement.
  8. What are the delivery costs?
    All physical orders are subject to a handling & delivery charge. Rates are as follows: GB: 1 CD = £3.49; 2 CDs = £4.99; 3 CDs = £5.99; 4 CDs = £6.99 Europe: 1 CD = €3.99; 2 CDs = €5.99; 3 CDs = €7.99; 4 CDs = €8.99
  9. Can I have CDs delivered to multiple addresses?
    This can only be handled by processing separate orders, which will incur refreshed delivery charges at the rates stated above.
  10. When will my CD(s) arrive? Can they be tracked?
    CDs may take up to 28 days to arrive dependent on stock levels and destination. Tracking is not available – please resist from getting in contact querying the status of your order until after 28 days.
  11. I can't find my download..?
    Please check your browser download settings. It is most likely to have to been saved to your Desktop or Downloads folder.
  12. I ordered my tickets through StubHub or Private Seller, do I still qualify to receive the redemption?
    If you bought your tickets from a secondary market (StubHub, eBay, private ticket broker, etc) then you will need to contact your point of purchase to have them process the redemption on your behalf.
  13. Can I have the CD sent outside of Europe?
    Unfortunately delivery can only be made to the European countries available on site.
  14. I did not mean to/I wish to sign up for future Universal Music Group marketing. How can I change this?
    Please email snowpatrol@mobilechilli.com stating your request.
  15. When will my code expire?
    1st April 2019.
  16. What file type is the digital download?
    The tracks are mp3 320kbps.
  17. It has been longer than 28 days and my CD has not arrived...
    If you wish to chase your order please wait until 28 days have passed. After 28 days you may email snowpatrol@mobilechilli.com including in any contact your redemption code(s) and delivery address.
  18. Can I get a signed CD, vinyl copy, or any other merchandise?
    Sorry, none of these are available through this promotion.

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